We have just taken delivery of the new Fohhn PT-70 point source loudspeakers for our hire stock.

Point source speaker systems have really come back into fashion among sound engineers. For some time line-arrays were seen as a one-stop solution for sound reinforcement. However, they are rarely the optimum solution for smaller venues and events. Point source systems are the better choice here and provide a more cost-effective solution while at the same time providing the correct sound coverage and simplifying the system design.

The Fohhn PT-70 represents a step forward in point-source loudspeaker design. In its basic design it refines the design of a fully horn-loaded cabinet – creating a powerful, controlled sound source in a compact and relatively lightweight cabinet. The cabinet itself houses 2 x 12″ drivers with their own compression chambers and a 1.4″ HF compression driver with its separate waveguide. Together this all fits in a box only 800mm high and weighing in at 39kg!

The next clever step from Fohhn was to creating a porting system on the rear of the cabinet that allows you to switch the cabinet into a ‘Cardioid’ mode that removes the low-to-mid frequency content spill from the rear of the cabinet and reduce the sound levels behind the cabinet. This technique has been used with subwoofers for some time now but has always involved additional subs and some processing to create the required cancellation signals. With the PT-70, Fohhn have managed this simply with clever internal cabinet design.

In terms of sound, this loudspeaker is everything you have come to expect from Fohhn – a rich, clear ‘hi-fi’ sound with the punch to cover a large audience with ease.

We have invested in the 90×50 degree variant of this speaker which can be flown, stand mounted or groundstacked. For live music applications, it will commonly be rented out with XS-4 18″ subs and Fohhn D2.1500 amplifiers. It can of course be used in alternative system configurations to suit individual event requirements.

To book this system for your next event, contact our hire team for pricing and availability.