School Lighting Packages

School & Education Lighting Packages

Is your school putting on a show? Need some hire some stage lighting to bring it all to life? Our School Lighting Package has proved extremely popular with schools all over the country.

It’s also suited to other small, drama and musical performances where a relatively simple lighting solution is required and one that will run off standard 13amp outlets.

These packages are relatively simple to set-up but you will require an intermediate knowledge of stage lighting equipment. If in doubt, we can supply a technician to get it all set up quickly for you and allow you more time to concentrate on your show.

School Lighting Kit 3 Day Weekly
This simple but flexible kit is ideal for school productions where no existing lighting exists. The equipment can be configured in a number of different ways to suit requirements. £ 120.00 £ 150.00
Comprising 8 x 500W Fresnel Lanterns, 4 x 500W Profile Spots, 4 stands, 4 T-bars, 2 Dimmer Packs, a Dual-Preset Control Desk, filter pack and all cabling. Designed to run off two 13amp sockets