Bass Amps and Combos

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Ampeg SVT-II All-Valve Bass Amp Head Daily Weekly
The classic Ampeg bass sound and a must for many professionals. This 300w head delivers incredible bass sound and can be set at 2 or 4 ohms. Plenty of EQ to sculpt your sound the way you like it. £40.00 £160.00
Ampeg SVT 810 Bass Speaker Cabinet Daily Weekly
The ideal speaker cabinet to compliment the SVT II amp head. This monster bass cabinet comprises 8 x 10″ driver units and is rated at 800w. £30.00 £120.00
Ashdown MAG250-C410T Bass Combo Daily Weekly
A punchy sounding 250w combo from Ashdown with 4 x 10″ drivers. The amp features a five band EQ section, sub-harmonic boost and a balanced output for connection to a PA. £25.00 £100.00
Gallien Krueger MB150E-112 Micro Bass Combo Daily Weekly
Probably the ultimate in portable Bass combo amps. The MB150e uses a 12″ driver and weights in at just under 11kg. Its compactsize belies its output with the unit delivering a respectable 150 watts. Ideal for small stages, practice sessions and ideal for accoustic and jazz performers. £30.00 £120.00
Hartke 4000 Bass Amp Head Daily Weekly
A more powerful amp from this manufacturer offering 400 watts but without the valve pre-amp stage. Useful when driving more than one cabinet such as a combination of the 410XL and 115XL cabinets. £20.00 £80.00
Hartke 410XL Bass Speaker Cabinet Daily Weekly
The speaker cabinet for tight, punchy bass. The 4x12″ drivers with their distinctive aluminium cones give the Hartke systems plenty of definition. £20.00 £80.00
Hartke 115XL Bass Speaker Cabinet Daily Weekly
For additional bottom-end in your bass rig, the single 15″ driver in this cabinet pushes the low-end response down further. Often used in conjunction with the 410XL cabinet. £20.00 £80.00