Guitar Amps and Combos

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Fender Twin Amp 2x12 Guitar Combo – 100W Daily Weekly
The legendary ‘Twin’ from Fender. An all-valve amplifier delivering 100 Watts of pure Fender tone through 2 x 12″ speakers. Two foot-switchable channels provide clean and overdrive sound. £30.00 £120.00
Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 Guitar Combo – 60W Daily Weekly
This amp is for all those who want a compact amp with a real gutsy, gritty sound. At only 60 watts, this valve combo puts out some real serious kick. A definite alternative for crunchy rock and because its a Fender you can still get the sweet highs and velvety tones synonomous with this manaufacturer. £30.00 £120.00
Marshall AVT150 Guitar Combo – 100W Daily Weekly
An entry level guitar combo amplifier from Marshall. This is a hybrid amplifier featuring a valve pre-amp stage and a solid-state power amp section giving a warm tone character at an affordable price. This model has four selectable channels: clean, accoustic simluator, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2. There are also two on-board effects processors. A footswitch allows easy selection of all channels and effects. £20.00 £80.00
Schertler David Classic Acoustic Amplifier Daily Weekly
A swiss made acoustic amplifier with an incredible perdigree and outstanding sound reproduction. Suitable for all acoustic instruments. The Schertler David features 1 x Mic input and 1 x Line input. These inputs are also ideally suited for use with the Schertler DYN and STAT series of acoustic pickups. A balanced DI output is also available for tying into a PA system or recording set-up. £30.00 £120.00
Vox AC30-TB Guitar Combo Daily Weekly
Another classic from the 60’s – updated for today. The AC30 is a legendary guitar combo used by many classic artists for its no-frills sound quality. It may be only 30 watts but the tone is sought after by many. Just ask Brian May… £30.00 £120.00