Cable Accessories

To assist with the installation of the temporary cabling for your event we stock a range of cable protectors, cable matting and drive-over cable ramps. These products eliminate the trip hazards posed by loose cables running across floors and other pedestrian areas.

Where cables need to cross roads and other areas where there may be vehicle traffic, our cable ramps from Cable Guard offer a protection system which can be safely driven over. Compared to other cable ramps such as Defender III and similar, the Cable Guard products are lighter, easier to install and more cost effective – saving you time and money on your event. These cable protectors are stocked in single channel versions for small cable runs and larger 5 channel versions for heavy mains power feeds and distribution.

All prices are shown in GBP and are exclusive of VAT.

Description 3 Day Weekly
Rubber Cable Protectors -per metre £ 0.80 £ 1.20
Rubber Cable Matting – 0.5m x 10m long. £ n/a £ 10.00
CableGuard 1-Channel Cable Crossover – 1m sections £ 6.00 £ 9.00
CableGuard 5-Channel Cable Crossover – 1m sections £ 8.00 £ 12.00
Copper Earth Spike £ 1.50 £ 2.25