Loudspeaker Only Packages

Often our customers simply need to hire a basic loudspeaker/amplifier package either for use with their own equipment or to supplement an existing PA system. Listed here are our standard packages. We have a variety of systems including both point source and line array solutions. Each is supplied with the necessary stands and cables ready to be connected to your existing system.

Loudspeaker Packages Daily Weekly
1kw Full-range Fohhn XT-4 Package £45.00 £180.00
1kW Fohhn Xperience I Speaker System £45.00 £180.00
1kW Fohhn Xperience II Speaker System £55.00 £220.00
3kW Fohhn Xperience III Speaker System £85.00 £340.00
4kW Fohhn Xperience IV Speaker System £105.00 £420.00
6kW Fohhn Perform Speaker System 2 x PT70, 4 x XS4, 2 x D2 Amps £160.00 £640.00
Adamson S10 Compact System (8 x S10, 4 x S119) POA POA
Adamson S10 Performance System (16 x S10, 8 x S119) POA POA
For larger speaker systems including Line-array for concerts and events please contact our hire team for a quote.