Public Address & Speech Reinforcement Systems

A Public Address (PA) system is designed to reproduce and reinforce speech. These systems are useful for any event where the spoken word must be heard clearly by the audience. Applications will include meetings, conferences, talks or lectures, sporting events and public gatherings.

The systems here are all optimised for speech reinforcement. However, they can all generally cope with music playback at background to mid levels. For music playback at loud levels or for live music applications a different type of system should be employed.

Fohhn Easyport FP2-CD – Battery Powered PA System Daily Weekly
An incredibly versatile single-box PA system that is simple, both to setup and to operate, making it ideal for even the most novice user. It is a single unit that houses the loudspeaker, amplifier, mixer and CD player in a single unit. It runs on battery or mains power and can provide coverage for up to 200 people. Supplied complete with carry bag, loudspeaker stand, handheld wireless microphone, microphone stand, lead for connecting to an iPod or phone and a rain cover for outdoor use. £50.00 £200.00
Additional ‘Slave’ speaker to connect to the Easyport to provide increased coverage. £20.00 £80.00
System B1 – Small Public Address System Daily Weekly
A compact, easy to transport and set-up PA system for speech reinforcement. Flexible coverage of audience of up to 200 capacity. Supplied with 1 x wireless Handheld Microphone. Additional microphones and other equipment can be added to this package if required. £80.00 £320.00
Setup : Requires only basic knowledge of PA systems.
Description Qty
Fohhn LX-100 Loudspeaker 2
Fohhn D2.750 Amplifer 1
Soundcraft 8-Channel Mixer 1
Shure Wireless Microphone System (Handheld or Lapel) 1
All stands and cabling
System B2 – Full Conference / Presentation PA System Daily Weekly
A discreet, high-quality sound reinforcement system for conference or presentation purposes. £145.00 £580.00
This system provides the user with a professional sound system for the more demanding conference applications. The system includes a pair of our popular LX-100 loudspeakers plus a sub for full range media playback. The system also comes with a digital desk that provides all the inputs and audio tools that you would need, a pair of lectern mics and 2 x wireless microphones. Additional loudspeakers, microphones, etc can be added on request.
We also have a contemporary lectern available for hire in addition to staging and backdrop systems.
Setup :Requires an experience sound technician
Description Qty
Fohhn LX-100 Loudspeakers 2
Fohhn XS-10 Active Sub 1
Allen & Heath QU-16 Digital Mixer 1
Radial Stereo PC DI Box 1
Shure Wireless Microphones – Handheld, Headworn or Lapel 1
Shure MX412 Lectern Microphones 2
All stands and cabling