Theatre Systems

These systems are designed for use in theatre type shows and offer a great value starter package which can be added to suit the needs of individual productions.

System E1 – Small Theatre PA System Daily Weekly
A high quality theatre sound system for use within theatre spaces of up to 150 seats. This system is designed to be compact and unobtrusive yet does not compromise on the audio quality. The compact E3 loudspeakers can be either stand mounted or flown making them very versatile. Additional E3’s can be added if required. £60.00 £240.00
This is the type of system that we fit for small theatre spaces during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
A full range of microphones and radio microphones is also available to add to this package as well as additional playback, effects and processing equipment.
Setup : Intermediate knowledge of sound equipment required.
Description Qty
d&b E3 Loudspeakers with flying frames 2
d&b E-Pac Amplifiers 2
8 Channel Mixing Desk 1
Tascam CD Player 1
Stands and cabling as required.

System E2 – Pro Theatre PA System Daily Weekly
A critical quality theatre sound system for use within theatres up to 400 seats where clarity of speech and vocals is of prime importance. This system also includes a pair of subs which will help when live or recorded music is employed for a show. £140.00 £560.00
When using only a single pair of main speakers for a theatre system, there are quite often ‘dead’ spots in the auditorium where the sound level falls away. You may wish to add some small ‘fill’ speakers to cover these areas. Our d&b E3 or Fohhn XT-1 speakers are ideal for this purpose as they are compact and have a wide range of mounting options, enabling them to be located in many places the most awkward places in auditoriums.
Please note that this system does not include Microphones as these requirements would always be production specific.
Setup : Experienced Sound Engineer Required
Description Qty
Fohhn XT-4 Loudspeakers with flying frames 2
Fohhn XS-4 Subs 2
Fohhn D2.1500 Amplifiers 2
Soundcraft Si Performer 24 Channel Digital Mixer 1
24 Send, 8 Return, 50m Multicore